Second Chances

Where is Second Chances?

Our Thrift Store is located on The Farrington Road in the same building as The Big Store.

Opening Hours

We are open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays  from 9AM-12PM.

How to Donate Items

Donations can be dropped off at Second Chances during opening hours, at our drop box next to The Wallblake House or at our Shelter Desk at Morlens Veterinary Clinic.

Since 2014, our thirft store has generated a small stream of revenue that helps to fund our shelter and various educational initiatives.

Generating a weekly average of about $300 in revenue, our Second Chances Thrift Store offers us the opportunity to encourage up-cycling in Anguilla as well as earn income for the shelter.

Three volunteers at the thrift store

Volunteers organising items in the store

The opening hours of the thrift store

Visit our thrift store to see what unique things you can find. There are usually new items every week.

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