This is the AARF logo, which shows three animals on a yellow life raft: a small black and white kitten, a larger brown dog with a collar and a small black and white dog. Grey clouds suggest an urgent need to find good homes for these animals. Floating on blue waves suggesting the Caribbean sea that surrounds Anguilla, the raft shows that these animals have a protector in AARF and its supporters. Finally, the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, representing hope for these deserving animals.

AARF Newsletter 2010, Quarter 2

Volume 10, Issue 2

April–June 2010

Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.

—Albert Schweitzer


This newsletter covers the second quarter of 2010. Some highlights: We had another of our redesigned Yard Sales (these have been a very pleasant success story for us), we have people to thank, we participated in large national fairs, we rolled out an extensive education campaign through the newspaper and we continued our school visits.

And we have some wonderful Happy Tales (we call them Happy Tails) to share with you.

Feedback about this newsletter is always appreciated; please use our contact us page.

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AARF Yard Sale

Happy shoppers have much to choose from

Building on the success of our new format Yard Sales, we are happy to report that we had a very nice Yard Sale on May 15th at Roy's Bayside Grill in Sandy Ground.

We continue to receive donations of quality secondhand goods such as clothing, shoes, electronics, toys, books, housewares and more.

We really like this new format. Every two months, on a Saturday morning, in a lovely setting on the beach, we offer these great items for sale at tremendous prices. Shoppers are free to browse in an open area which is protected from sun and rain by a roof. It makes for a very pleasant shopping experience!

This is all made possible through the generosity of Roy and Mandy and Roy.

Our next Yard Sales will be on Saturday, July 17th and Saturday September 18th. Here are directions.

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Thank Yous

AARF received many wonderful donations of funding, volunteer time and much–needed supplies, and we'd like to send special thank yous to those that donated funds, goods, time among other wonderful things! To protect internet privacy, we choose to use initials.

Thank you to: Barnes Bay Development (Kathy & Debbie), Roy and Mandy B.,Liz D., Lewis E., Mr. and Mrs. Myron G., Sue H., Billy K., Katie O.,Anne & Peter P., Elizabeth P-V., Mira Q., Jean S., Charise Y.

Mere thank yous can't go far enough to express what these people have provided us. All donations go directly towards the welfare of AARF animals.

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school Visits

As part of the ongoing Education Program, the Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation (AARF) visited primary schools (concentrating this time on Grades One and Two) to spread the word about pet care and needs, along with giving key animal safety tips. Penny Hope–Ross of the Education Committee took her dog Maggie as a live prop to work with the students.

Penny started with questions to the student to get them involved and then spoke about how to care for pets: the best type of food to give them, their need for exercise, the importance of water and and the need for a cool place to sleep. She spent some time discussing dog behavior, specifically how to approach a dog and when not to approach one (if it is eating, tied up or has puppies for example). In particular, Penny advised them to watch the dog's posture and body language to gauge whether the dog was agitated or angry.

She then encouraged the children to use their new knowledge to approach Maggie — something nearly all of the children were happy to do, even those not accustomed to dogs.

The AARF adoption and spay/neuter programs were also described to the students who were given the opportunity to share their experiences with pets and to tell stories about them.

We have nice photos of Maggie and some children from a previous school visit.

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Newspaper Publicity Campaign

In addition to AARF's school visits Penny Hope–Ross, with help from AARF President Suzie Donahue has embarked on an innovative and thorough education campaign designed to spread the word about pet care, diseases, treatments and more. She decided to use the country's main newspaper, The Anguillian, and wrote a series of articles that appeared regularly in the paper. These articles covered a wide range of topics of interest, including:

  • Distemper
  • Why neuter or spaying is necessary
  • Parvo
  • Can goats and dogs live in harmony in Anguilla?
  • Erlichiosis
  • Fleas, ticks and mites
  • Hurricanes & Pets
  • Skin Diseases in Cats /Dogs
  • Heartworm
  • Doggy communication
  • Cat Communication
  • Dogs as pets
  • The importance of Vaccinations
  • Pet First Aid

We plan to run articles on these important subjects when we can and will revisit these topics to keep the concepts fresh in people's minds.

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AARF Membership Drive

Membership drive

The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation held a membership drive at the Anguilla post office in early May. AARF depends on members and other supporters such as donors and volunteers

The monies we receive from membership dues and other fundraising activities are vital. As an all-volunteer organization, 100% of the proceeds go directly to our animal welfare programs. Memberships help with spay/neuter, vaccinations, rescue and adoption, medical care, shelter boarding expenses, and other needs of Anguilla’s cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies.

If you missed our drive and like to join AARF or renew your membership, stop by and see us at the shelter or download and mail in a membership form. Many thank yous to our members and to you in advance if you join!

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Environmental Fair

Environmental Fair

AARF participated in the Environmental Fair, held as part of Anguilla's growing awareness of the "Going Green" movement. Many solar and other environmentally friendly products were shown.

AARF was there to show and sell our environmentally friendly bottle bags, which we still have for sale. They are good for holding bottles and other groceries, and are of course washable and reusable.

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Safety Fair

Safety Fair

Suzie and Sally represented AARF at the second annual All Hazard Risk Reduction and Safety Fair. This fair is organized by the Anguilla Department of Disaster Management and held at the Department of Agriculture grounds. The Fair brought Government and professional organizations to teach the public what they could do during hurricanes, other natural disasters as well as what they could do when something personally affects them in their homes and daily lives (such as avoiding electrical and other injuries, first aid treatment, water treatment, safe driving and more). Students from several of Anguilla’s schools were in attendance and were attentive and interested.

Suzie and Sally talked to attendees about preparing and caring for animals before and during hurricanes. They had displays of food, water, crates, leashes, collars, litter & litter boxes and handed out brochures on the subject.

They emphasized that it is just as important to properly prepare for hurricanes for animals as it is for people. For example, when shopping for food before a hurricane, one should be sure to get at least a week’s worth of food for pets. Canned food will keep well. They suggested that dry food should be kept in a container with a lid so that it doesn't get wet. (This writer remembers standing in a couple of inches of water for about three days during Hurricane Lenny and so is well aware that in a bad storm, many things get wet!)

Animals need plenty of fresh water just as people do. If bringing a cat in the house during a storm, which is recommended for safety, have a litter box, litter, and litter scoop. Plastic bags and paper towels are handy for clean ups.

Crates of all sizes are available for purchase at the AARF shelter; they can provide a safe and secure refuge for your pet during a storm.

If you take your dog for a walk during or after a storm, be sure to use a leash as pets often are frightened in bad weather and may run off. AARF sells collars and leashes and also sells ID tags that can be attached to your dog’s collar.

Owners of goats and cows were reminded that if a hurricane comes, they should let their animals be loose so that they can get to higher ground in case of flooding.

Brochures on hurricane preparation for animals and other safety tips are available at the AARF shelter.

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Happy Tails

We have several happy tales in this issue of the newsletter. In some cases, when things looked bleak, the AARF team was more than uplifted by fabulous "saves".

Read on for the stories.


Surrendered to AARF along with her two litter mates, Ivy was out-front of AARF one morning waiting for someone to come along and fall in love with her. And that’s exactly what happened.

Stopping off to “just make a donation”, Kim and Lucy couldn’t resist adopting her. With other rescues as part of their lives in Chicago, it was an easy decision.

Kim presented Ivy to her two little girls Clare and Lily in an Easter Basket on Easter morning and it sure looks like Ivy has settled right in as a part of the family!

She loves car trips, pet friendly hotels and has been to several states already!

Ivy outside clinic

Kim and Lucy with Ivy

Ivy’s first morning in Chicago

Ivy sleeps over at

Grandma’s house!

Ivy travels frequently with

Kim and loves the dog friendly

hotels she stays in!

Look how Ivy has grown!

Straw Hat Kittens

Surely most of you have heard the oft quoted phrase “it takes a village to raise a child”.

Well, we can say the same for four tiny infant kittens that Anne and her son, Jake found abandoned and covered in sand on the beach at Straw Hat Restaurant on Meads Bay.

Anne & Peter, owners of Straw Hat have been fantastic supporters of AARF for many years and bringing these little ones to AARF is just a small part of what they have done in support of AARF and the animals here in Anguilla.

Unfortunately, AARF euthanizes infant puppies and kittens that are brought in when they are not able to eat on their own, unless we have someone willing to foster them – which is a huge time- consuming and often heartbreaking job. But the stars were lined up for these four baby kittens

Thankfully, Madeline from Sur La Plage – another “always ready to help us” volunteer - happily agreed to take over mothering of these four. The kittens were lucky in that Madeline had a group of girlfriends visiting from the states and they all helped with the every 3 – 4 hour feedings and other tasks that go along with fostering infants including assisting with their “bathroom” needs.

After a few weeks of TLC, Madeline had to go back to the states for an emergency and a SOS was sent out by AARF for help. Alex, who was already very busy in the midst of her own wedding plans agreed to take two of them for two weeks and Carolyn from Philadelphia (another wonderful foster mom), agreed to take the other two.

Madeline handed them all over with instructions at the airport and they were off to another set of homes.

After two weeks, it was wedding time for Alex and AARF was able to find yet another willing foster – Claire from Anguilla Life – who took over the duties for Alex's two kittens.

After six weeks, the four kittens were thriving and, better yet, were very loveable since they had been handled and cared for by humans almost their entire lives!

At eight weeks, it was time to find homes for everyone. Carolyn was returning to the states as was Claire. Luckily, Claire had met someone looking for kittens – someone who would take her two black kittens (no small feat since they were black and some here are superstitious of black cats). They were delivered to Tamar and at this time are doing very well.

Carolyn’s two were returned to the shelter for adoption and it just so happened that a family who had found and bottle fed another abandoned kitten (named Capri Sun after the popular drink) were looking for a friend for the kitten. They adopted one kitten (now named Pantera) who quickly became part of the family!

Ashley, Pantera, Dylan

and Capri Sun

Pantera on Ashley's lap

Maddy was also difficult to place simply, again due to some folks thinking black cats are bad luck, but Maddy’s luck came through in a big way when Paula from Maine agreed to take her back to the USA for a birthday gift for a friend.

After a couple of weeks in foster care with Sally and Mark (where she was very comfortable hanging around the office, madly chasing toys and generally living it up) Maddy was off to her new life in the States.

Maddy as she looked

when she arrived

Maddy in foster

care, helps out in the


Maddy attracted to

printer rattles and


Maddy with a toy she

loved and pretty much


Maddy got to be very

affectionate; here she

nudges affectionately

Maddy rests after a

bout of manic kitten


Maddy off to Maine

Thank you Jake and Anne, Madeline and friends, Carolyn, Alex, Claire, Sally, Mark, Tamar, Alfredo, .Alicia ,Ashley, Dylan, Peter, Paula, the shelter volunteers, Dr Rommel and Dr Abi Umali – the village that gave these little ones a wonderful chance at a beautiful life!

Sylvia and Coco

Pictured below are Sylvia and Coco (kitten and her mother) who were surrendered to the shelter, but they were too shy to put up for adoption.

Unfortunately, this appeared be a case where we would have to humanely euthanize them, but thankfully one of the volunteers offered to try to give these two some extra time and attention.

So off they went to Sylvia’s to be fostered. After several weeks of one-on-one attention, they were still shy but were ready for adoption.

Sylvia decided to offer them as a fundraiser at the annual Soroptomist auction. Judy, another AARF Shelter volunteer (and cat lover), was the winner!

Judy renamed the kitten Sliva, because she was so long and slender in her kittenhood. The other cat is called Coco and they are both very sweet and very attached to one another.

They provide much entertainment & company for Judy and her husband Tony.

It is difficult to say who the real winners are in this story – but we think they all are!

Sylvia and Coco


AARF initially had a lot of interest in June, one of Anguilla’s special breed - the long dog. We all became so attached to June at the shelter. As we broadcast pleas for someone to adopt her, we got comments from folks in the USA and in Anguilla, but sadly no one was able to commit to giving her that forever home she so deserved.

Thankfully one of our volunteers, Penny, was able to convince Robin and Sue that their dog, Shadow, needed a friend.

Shadow took to June immediately as did Robin and Sue who named her Ebony and call her Ebo for short. Sue reports that Ebo is getting longer and sort of growing at different angles so to speak (except for her head which is still very small)! 

She now weighs 13 pounds, up quite a bit from when she arrived with Robin and Sue.  We are informed that Ebo is a bundle of mischief and loves Shadow dearly — and he loves her right back. They can play for hours!

This is indeed a wonderful ending for our Happy Tales this quarter!


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On a Lighter Note

Finally, some closing cute and funny photos.

kitten nudges dog but slides under the lip of the dog a black cat climbs on top of a sleeping dog this dog completely destroyed a large chaise lounge cushion and smiles heartily aftewards two dogs try to get through a dog door at the same time and get stuck together with just the heads peeking through the door a cat on hind legs with its head under a dog's chin a dog no the inside of a house looks through the larger glass door - at about 10 cats on the other side wanting in two dogs running side by side down the road with one huge stick in their mouths a sequence of photos shows a cat circling around a dog and then settling on the dogs front paws a gray shaggy dog lounges on a gray shaggy carpet that looks so much like the dog that you can hardly see the dog a kitten stares wide-eyed at a nearby dog a cat and a dog sleep next to each other side by side, with snouts nearly touching a dog in a lake or stream tows a log by grabbing a branch of the log in its mouth On a subway or train, a dog sleeps in a passenger's backpack a brwon Lab slurps an offered ice cream cone that has doggie friendly ice cream and a dog biscuit in the cone a dog curled seemingly impossibly the wrong way a German Shephard and a deer. In a police car a dog sprewls on top of a sunbather. the sunbather has no obvious swim wear, so the dog is performing the duty of the swimsuit

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