Volume 4, Issue 4                                                                                     July 2004

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AARF "Flea" Market/Garage Sale A Great Success

Collars and Leashes Donated by HSI

July 2004 Spay/Neuter Clinic Completed

2004 Annual General Meeting

AARF Joins Anguilla Chamber of Commerce

July Transport to Puppy Angels

Available For Adoption

Foster Care Corner

Recent Adoptions

Animal Abuse/Domestic Violence Materials on Line

Current Adoption Statistics

AARF "Flea" Market/Garage Sale A Great Success  

On Saturday June 19th, 2004 The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation held its first "Flea" Market/Garage Sale at the Agriculture Grounds.  It was a beautiful day with many people stopping by to shop for the various items that were donated to the cause.  The event was complimented by the music of DJ Iceman and a scrumptious BBQ cooked and served by Althea Lloyd of Anguilla Techni Sales.

At the end of the day AARF raised a total of US$1154.60 to support the goals of the organization!

AARF would like to thank the many people who donated items to the sale to help support the cause.  We would also like to thank Dr. Vanterpool and Wilma Vanterpool of the Agriculture Department for providing the grounds at a discounted rate, The ABC for allowing us to use their tents at no charge, and St. Gerard's Catholic Church for the use of their tables.

Many thanks to our volunteers on the ground:

Tent Set Up Crew/Transporters:  Lynn and Charles Blankenship, Steve and Suzie Donahue, Chris Carty (thanks to Lennie Carty for use of his truck!) Althea and Bob Turner and Leroy Martinez.

Breeze Turner and Ross Pleasants

Volunteers:  Amy Williams, Chris Carty, Suzie Donahue, Valerie MacCalman, Monica Trimble, Althea and Bob Turner, Lynn and Charles Blankenship, Jackie Pascher, Breeze Turner, Ross Pleasants, Jaxson Arnold, Clarissa Lloyd, and Rakev Webster.

Jackie Pascher and Rakev Webster take a break!

It was a great day of fun and excitement that also included a very successful adoption.  Fairy was a very young pup that went to a new home that day.  Fairy showed up at our spay/neuter clinic looking great with a lovely collar and leash.  Her new family reports she is an indoor dog and doing just great.  Unfortunately she was still too young for surgery but will be done before the end of the year.

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Collars and Leashes Donated by HSI

In June of this year AARF received a donation of new collars and leashes from the Humane Society International (HSI).  The donation of 284 pieces including all sizes and designs were given in support of our spay/neuter programs and to be used for our adoptable pets.  

AARF would like to thank Kelly Omeara and the staff at HSI for facilitating the transport and donation.

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July 2004 Spay/Neuter Clinic Completed

Althea Turner and Dr. Winnie Krogman arrive from Blowing Point Village with animals scheduled for the clinic

Morlen's Veterinary Hospital was the site of the July 3-5th, 2004 spay/neuter clinic.  The program funded by The Pegasus Foundation, Puppy Angels and AARF provided surgeries to 131 animals including both cats and dogs.  Team Puppy Angels provided supplies for the clinic including suture material, anesthetic agents, etc as well as personnel to help out.  Sherry and John Morrall of Puppy Angels arranged the program which included veterinarians Dr. Dean Wallace and Dr. Winnie Krogman and technicians Linda Seavy, Kim Lynch and Emily Hahn.  

During the two month period prior to the clinic registration forms were made available to the community through local businesses and through sign up locations around the island.  The Turners focused on Blowing Point Village to assist the community with a reduction in stray and breeding animals in the area.  In the end 79 animals were signed up and 47 spayed/neutered from that village.  At the end of the sign up period 240 animals were registered from 121 households.  Applications continued to come in after the clinic had started.

Over 24 volunteers from AARF led by Project Coordinator Suzie Donahue, manned the clinic assisting with animal intake/discharge, pre and post op monitoring and cleanup.  A large number of our volunteers were student members some of whom have declared an interest in studying veterinary medicine in the future.  In fact one young man begged his mother to be dropped off at the clinic to help out because he heard about it on the radio.  He spent the day learning first hand the hard work involved but left determined to become a vet.

Moira Masshardt holding an animal waiting for surgery

In addition to the surgery, care givers were provided with information on health care issues that effect the animals of Anguilla, licensing information and a 3 month supply of heartworm/flea and tick preventative medicine donated by Paws and Dr. Mark Finkler of Roanoke Animal Hospital in Virginia.  For the caregivers that requested it, a free 3dx test was provided for heartworm and ehrlichia.  Animals that tested positive for heartworm were encouraged to attend Morlen's Veterinary Hospital for treatment and given the potential cost  as well as the risks of not obtaining care.

There is no question that conducting a clinic of this magnitude is exhausting but at the end of it there is a real sense that AARF has done something good for the community.  So many caregivers thanked volunteers for the program and stated that we should do them more often.

Jackie Pascher shares a moment with a friend

The Executive Committee of AARF would like to thank the many individuals and businesses who assisted with the clinic and especially to the caregivers who took the important step to stop the reproductive process for their companion animals.


Clinic participants at discharge - happy to go home!

The AARF Executive would like to extend its sincere appreciation for the support and help given by the following individuals and businesses here in Anguilla:

Mrs. Suzie Donahue for her time and effort in coordinating this event.

Dr. Vanterpool for the use of his facilities and Amy Williams for her technical support.

Thank you to Dr. Wallace, Dr. Krogman, Linda Seavy, Kim Lynch, Sherry and John Morrall and Emily Hahn for their hard work during the clinic.  Also many thanks to Dr. Wallace and Linda Seavy for their donation of the supplies.

Althea and Bob Turner   worked very hard in the Blowing Point district to signing up and transport animals to and from the clinic.

 Shoal Bay Villas, and Island Dream Properties for assisting with the donation of villas and maid service.  We also thank Tree Top Villa and Yellowbird Villa.

Island Car Rental for donating a rental car for 8 days for our visiting veterinarians to use, James Fleming, Jr and his glass bottom boat for a tour of the Shoal Bay reef for our guests and their families, and Irad for donating his time for a Caribbean BBQ to entertain our guests.

 Dr. The Right Honorable Kennedy Simmonds and Nurse Diana of the Princess Alexandra Hospital for putting the anesthesia machine together and Mrs. Petal Kendall and Dr. Lowell Hughes for facilitating the purchase of the anesthetic agent.

 Anguilla Techni Sales for donating the oxygen and regulators for the anesthesia machine.

The following individuals gave many hours of their personal time to help the clinic:  Jackie Pascher , Kathy Haskins, Joan Bellin, Gordon Sillas, Rachel Haskins, Anna Rodriguez, Alex Bozoglian, Marie Therese Rober, Chris Carty , Jaxson Arnold , Alexander Crabtree, Rakev Webster , Jimmy Carter, Moira Masshardt, Lynn and Charles Blankenship , Christine Cutler, Kendra Gajadhar, Barbara Owen, Jackie and Ralph Cestero, Althea and Bob Turner .

Chris Cutler for the donation of refreshments.  Maria and Jim Mulligan for a wonder lunch on Monday.

 We would also like to thank our tent set up crew Steve Donahue, Lynn and Charles Blankenship , Leroy Martinez and Troy Carter.

The members of the media who supported the program:  Caribbean Cable, The Anguillian, The Herald, The Light, Heartbeat Radio, Radio Anguilla and Anguilla Life Magazine.

The Post Office, Ashley's Pet Store, Ashley's in Blowing Point and Albert's Marketplace who allowed us to camp out on their doorstep to sign up animals, as well as every business in the community that allowed us to post our signs and forms.

Finally we extend sincere thanks to The Pegasus Foundation and Puppy Angels for having the faith in us to support our programs financially as well as by being on site and working.  Without their support these programs would not be possible.

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2004 Annual General Meeting

On Wednesday July 7th, 2004 AARF conducted its 3rd Annual General Meeting at the Teacher's Resource Centre of the Public Library.  23 members and 9 visitors attended the meeting making it the best turnout ever for an AGM.  

Members of Team Puppy Angels who participated in the 3 day spay/neuter clinic were in attendance and thanked for their hard work and in particular Dr. Wallace and Linda Seavy of Plaistow Animal Medical Center in New Hampshire were thanked for their donation of virtually all the supplies to support the clinic.

Sherry Morrall, Linda Seavy, Dr. Wallace, Kim Lynch John and Ellie Morrall at AGM

During the President's speech, Mr. Payne outlined the accomplishments of the organization during the year and thanked those responsible for the successful year.  He concluded that he was proud to be part of the organization.  Mr. Payne was thanked for his service as President for the past 2 years as well as he continued role as a Trustee of AARF.

Mr. Joseph Payne

Mrs. Ellen Lee was awarded in absentia the title Volunteer of the Year for her role as a foster parent to so many of AARF's homeless animals.

The 2004/2005 Officers were affirmed as follows:

President:  Jackie Cestero

Vice President:  Chris Carty

Secretary:  Suzie Donahue

Treasurer:  Jimmy Carter

Elected Ordinary Members:  Jackie Pascher and Althea Turner

The evening concluded with light refreshments.

If you were unable to attend the meeting you can read the minutes and speeches by clicking here.

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AARF Joins Anguilla Chamber of Commerce

In July 2004 the Executive Committee took the decision that AARF would become a member of The Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  After reviewing ACOCI's platform and having discussions with Mr. Calvin Bartlett and Ms. Melinda Goddard  on the benefits and some cooperative work that the two organizations could be involved in, there was no question it was a good match.  AARF's July clinic has already been featured in two of ACOCI's newsletters and there is promise of future publications of our events.  We are working with ACOCI on the beautification track with spay/neuter programs to help reduce the homeless animal population. 

Some of the benefits of belonging to ACOCI are:

·         Access to the best business to business network in Anguilla

·         Worldwide networking opportunities from the Chamber website/on-site international visitors

·         “What•s• on today?” weekly radio forum (95.5 fm) for interviews, special messages

·         Preferred use of the facilities at the Chamber offices for meetings/training

·         Monthly newsletter with “Membership Memo•s•” to communicate key messages, offers and member•s• resources

·         Discounts on financial and service quality management courses – and others as available

·         Personal consultation as to available resources for specific needs

·         …and more!

We look forward to further cooperation between the two organizations in the future.  If you are interested in learning more about ACOCI, visit their web site at

Many thanks to ACOCI for supporting our programs and much success in the future.

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July Transport to Puppy Angels

Bob and friends in Puerto Rico

In the wake of every spay/neuter clinic there are a number of animals waiting for new homes.  Charlie Brown and his crew were no exception this year.  On Friday July 23rd, 2004 Bob Turner flew off to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico with a plane full of 13 dogs and puppies.  Some were dogs abandoned while others were surrendered by caretakers who could not find homes for the little pups.  As always foster care and time at Morlen's Veterinary Hospital are key to getting them on the road to adoption.  Althea, Breeze and Bob Turner provide foster care to 5 little puppies for 10 days to get them ready to go including socialization and feeding.  Charlie Brown was allowed to stay extra days at Morlen's with the promise of a transport to the USA.

Breeze cuddles 3 of the wonderful foster pups

It was later identified by Sherry Morrall that one of the dogs that was abandoned had been one of our first neuters in the 2003 spay/neuter clinic.  An ironic twist.  He will be treated for his heartworm and ehrlichia at Puppy Angels and rehomed when he is healthy.


Charlie Brown (now Shakleton) relaxing in his new home

Once again our many thanks to all who participated in this transport.  When I emailed Mary Ellen in Puerto Rico she stated that between AARF and Puerto Rico animals they had helped over 1000 dogs this year.  We applaud your efforts and thank you for helping our little friends find a new life.

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Available For Adoption


Maddy and Sally are sisters that came in for adoption this week.  They are approximately 8-9 weeks of age and in great health.  If you are interested in adopting these little girls or the any of the puppies or adults below, please contact Amy Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm or call 497-4600.  Please note this is carnival week so Tuesday and Wednesday are regular days of operation.

Remember to spay/neuter your pets to decrease the number of homeless animals in Anguilla.

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Foster Care Corner

Lucy and her 5 little puppies are seeking a foster home for 2 weeks or so.  They are still nursing and much too young to adopt.  If you are interested in helping out with this little family, please contact Amy at 497-4600.

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Recent Adoptions

Buddy was a Corito Dump Dog who lived off the kindness of others for several months.  He befriended Gypsy Rose Lee and took care of her until she could no longer walk and Kathy Haskins rescued her.  Of course Kathy  was there to feed and nurture him, but so afraid to bring him to AARF for fear his time would be too short as older dogs are so hard to find homes for in Anguilla.  Finally Buddy had some health problems and she could delay no longer.  Kathy  took him home for treatment to her already full house to try and get him well.

On May 21, 2004 he flew with Althea and Bob Turner to Puerto Rico for further transport to Puppy Angels.  Everyone fell in love with his kind disposition, but he needed treatment for heartworm and of course was not a little furry puppy.

On June 13th Buddy found his new home as shown in the picture to the left.

In the words of Sherry Morrall - A Sad Day for Us... Great Day For Buddy.  "He found a wonderful family who lives on 30 acres, 4 of it fenced in. He has a new friend, a 4 year old chocolate lab and 2 wonderful children who fell in love when they saw him on the internet."

If you have photos and stories of your rescued pets, please share them with us and our newsletter community.  Contact

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Animal Abuse/Domestic Violence Materials on Line

Anne Ostberg of the Pegasus Foundation is sharing some very interesting materials on animal abuse and domestic violence.  For everyone involved locally in the domestic violence issues these materials may be of interest.  The Caribbean Animal Welfare Web Site is updated constantly with helpful information relating to these and other topics.  Please visit them at the Caribbean Animal Welfare page.


 Greetings all:

Those of you who attended the Caribbean Animal Welfare Conference in St. Croix this past May had the opportunity to hear Dr. Randall Lockwood of the Humane Society of the United States speak about the connection between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence.

Many of the materials that Dr. Lockwood handed out to conference attendees are now available on the Humane Society of the United States Web site. For example, there is an article on the connection between animal cruelty and human violence. In addition, there are many materials that can be downloaded for free.

Some of the available materials follow; all can be downloaded for free from the Human Society. Go to their site and search for any of these items:

  • Making the Connection: A Campaign Against Violence
  • An introduction to the goals and principles of the campaign and suggestions for community action.
  • The Role of the Community in Reducing Violence
  • A step-by-step guide on how to build an anti-violence coalition in your community.
  • Neighborhood Watch for Animals™
  • Tips on how to be a more observant neighbor by looking out for animals in the community.
  • Making the Connection Fact Sheets
  • Fact sheets tailored for particular professions including background information and action plans for recognizing and responding to animal cruelty.
  • For Social Service Workers
  • For Educators
  • For Concerned Citizens
  • For Humane Investigators
  • For Law Enforcers and Prosecutors
  • For Veterinary Professionals
  • What would you do if you saw someone hurting an animal?
  • Information on what children should do if they see an animal in trouble.
  • Making the Connection: Protecting Your Pet from Domestic Violence
  • Guidance for people who have companion animals and are seeking help in situations involving domestic violence.
  • Making the Connection: Helping Vulnerable Adults and Their Pets
  • Information for professionals and concerned citizens on how to identify animal cruelty in elder abuse cases.
  • 10 Things Teens Can Do to Help Stop Animal Cruelty
  • Safe and practical suggestions on how teens can help protect animals in their communities.

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Current Adoption Statistics

  Puppy Dog Kitten Cat
Jun-04 Admitted 0 1 1 0
Adopted 0 0 1 0
Euthanized 0 0 0 0
Waiting Adoption 0 1 0 0
Died 0      
Jul-04 Admitted 20 6 1 0
Adopted 12 5 1 0
Euthanized 1 1 0 0
Waiting Adoption 7 1 0 0
Died 0      

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