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Available for Adoption Now!

When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction. — Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain

February 17

Available for Adoption Now

These animals all need a forever home; scroll down to see them and read all about them. Images with a thick border can be clicked on for a larger photo. For visitors, read about how very easy it is to adopt and take home! Our low adoption fee is only $25 for dogs and $20 for cats; that includes all this: their first vaccination and deworming, vet exam, $10 off their second and third vaccinations, and their spay/neuter surgery when they are around six months old.

Note: Through our ongoing Anguilla Puppy (and kitten) Express program, we have transports to North America several times a year that hand off puppies and kittens to partners. We list links to those partners on this page.

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Click on any thumbnail with a visible border to get an enlargement. They’re shown below in date order; those at the top have been in the shelter the longest.

At the Adoption Center/Shelter


Male puppy, 16 weeks old.


Annie, Nicki and Pharrell


Female puppy, 16 weeks old.



Annie, Nicki and Pharrell

Other Rescue Sites

Partner Rescuers in New Jersey, Connecticut and Chicago

Island dogs and cats are the best; we have too many success stories to mention! You should come here and take a loving part of Anguilla back home with you!

But sometimes you don’t have to travel to Anguilla to adopt. Your new island family member may be closer than you think.

Through our friends that help transport puppies and kittens to willing fosters and shelters in the USA and Canada, we have placed great Anguilla pets near you in North America. This is made possible by our Anguilla Puppy (and kitten) Express Fund, which helps pay for the costs to transport a pet to North America.

R&R Rescue in Chicago

A Little R & R Animal Sanctuary in Chicago is run by Renee and Rosalie who lived in Anguilla and have a special fondness for Anguillian animals. They have a Facebook page as well as a web site.

The Animal Experts in Southern Connecticut

Are you in Connecticut? Elena, with The Animal Experts in southern Connecticut, is an AARF rescue partner. She finds forever homes for kittens as well as puppies.

Go to the Animal Experts web site or Facebook page for full descriptions and adoption information.

Island Puppy Rescue in New Jersey

In the New Jersey area, Island Puppy Rescue often has puppies in foster care.

Go to IPR’s web site or Facebook page for full descriptions and adoption information.