AARF  Newsletter

Volume 7, Issue 4                                                                                         

December 2007                                                                                                                           

“Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things  - man will not find peace” 

Albert Sweitzer















 On Saturday November 24th a large crowd came together at Roy•s• Bayside to play bingo, socialize and help raise money for The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation. The event included dinner and 20 games of bingo with many exciting prizes. 




Crowd of players at AARF Bingo


One of the prizes a trip to Hurricane Cove in Nevis was won by Isabel Curtis a first time bingo player!


Gayle Gurvey serving as MC and bingo caller thanked all those that joined AARF for a wonderful evening of fun and camaraderie, Roy & Mandy for continuing their partnership with AARF and allowing us to use their restaurant and to those that volunteered to make this event a success. She also recognized Dr. Patrick Vanterpool of Morlens Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Valerie Thomas along with Amy Williams who work diligently to make our spay and neuter program a success.  

The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation is most grateful to the following businesses and individuals that donated prizes to make this event a success   Straw Hat, Sophie Hair Design, The Pumphouse, Malliouhana, Mangos, Barrel Stay, Lynn Bernbaum Studio, Savannah Gallery, Haskins LTD, Anguilla Swims, Un Amore, Anguilla Wellness Center, Essential Office Services, Cote de Mer, Anguilla Techni-Sales, Catherine & Gareth Orchard, Jo-Anne Mason, Temenos Golf Club, Sandy Island Restaurant, The Turner Family & Hurricane Cove Bungalows in Nevis, MyCaribbean.com, and Graham Crabtree who worked with The Edge Ferry of St. Martin and The Gatehouse in Saba to acquire the grand prize.




                          Lucky winners – Nathalie and Judy 

Proceeds from this event will be used to meet AARF•s• projected budget of $25,000 for the 2008 year. This includes spay/neuter surgery expenses, our education projects and the care of the animals that are brought to the shelter for adoption. The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the community who continually work with AARF to make Anguilla a better place for the animals.


                             Drawing the raffle winners


Flag Luxury Properties (Anguilla) LLC and Temenos Anguilla Resort and Residences donate US $1000


On Thursday November 8th Flag Luxury Properties (Anguilla) LLC and Temenos Anguilla Resort and Residences donated US $1000 to the Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation (AARF) for their education program. Mr. Arnie Hodge, Flag•s• Director of Public Relations explained that Flag was approached by AARF•s• Education Chairman, Linda Gratton for a donation to be used to reach out and enlighten the school-age children of Anguilla on proper pet ownership and care.  

Teacher Linda plans to visit every school on the island and will, accompanied by 2 assistance dogs, and with the aid of colouring books, photos and age - appropriate information sheets, dispel myths and encourage healthy pet care habits. 

Teacher Linda•s• purpose in teaching children to be humane is to promote responsibility, kindness and commitment, as well as good citizenship and animal safety.

Mr. Hodge and Ms Dana Schmid, Temenos Golf Club Manager, made the presentation to Teacher Linda and AARF President Chris Carty. Mr. Hodge congratulated AARF on their endeavours in the community over the past 6 years and stated that Flag Luxury Properties Anguilla was happy to assist in the accomplishment of AARF•s• goal to make Anguilla a better place for the animals by teaching our children compassion and respect.  


 Director of Public Relations Arnie Hodge and Dana Schmid, Temenos Golf Club Manager present check to AARF Education Chairman, Linda Gratton and AARF President Chris Carty. 



When Gayle Gurvey took over as Membership Chairman in early 2007 her first chore was to redesign, freshen up and make appealing our drab yellow outdated brochure. With the help of Jo-Anne Mason who donated her time and her talent and feedback from the Executive Committee, Gayle worked diligently to produce a brochure that we are all proud of! Be on the look out for our colorful brochure that is currently being displayed throughout the island. We are most grateful to Jo-Anne Mason for her assistance with this attractive and informative brochure.





The AARF Spotlight this issue shines on Gayle Enzel Gurvey, who wears two AARF hats as our Fundraising Co-Chairman and also Membership Chairman. You can guess from those two titles that Gayle is a very busy AARF volunteer! In the past few months she has pulled together the first money making event of her tenure and as Membership Chairman put the final touches on a new AARF brochure that has been a year in production! Gayle not only organized most of the successful November bingo event, she also served as Mistress of Ceremonies for the evening and bingo caller. Gayle has been a long time supporter and volunteer for AARF and we are grateful for her expertise with our fundraising projects both bingo and the annual March Yard Sale. She also helps with adoption days and leads the annual membership drives. This is Gayle's second year as a member of the Executive Board. She lives in Anguilla with her two German Shepherds, Roxie & Zurie and Chloe, a Golden Retriever.



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Stella last year when she appeared on the doorstep of the Mulligan's at Blowing Point - homeless and hungry.

You may remember Stella who was featured in Happy Tails last March after being rescued by Jim and Maria and then adopted by Lexie and Chris Wollett. In June they returned to the US and of course, couldn't leave Stella behind .............

Chris wrote: If you every run across anyone who wants to get their pet from Anguilla to the US it's much, much less complicated than I thought.  American will fly pets (as checked baggage) out as long as it's not 85 degrees or higher, which is perfect for the early morning flight out of Anguilla. We flew out during probably the hottest part of the year and we were fine. Additionally, once the animal is in route, they keep the pets in air conditioned areas of the airport during lay-overs. In all actuality, it was a very easy process. I will recommend to future travelers with pets that maybe a little "sleepy" pill or two would help the animal...And Stella is a VERY active dog but Amy at Morlens gave me a little something for her and she was great on her trip...A few nights before the trip, I made sure Stella slept in her crate so she knew if was a safe place. I think this may have helped a bit with her comfort level on the flight...

Today, Stella is a very HAPPY puppy. She loves her new home and gets along well with other dogs (my parents have 2 border-collies and a pit bull mix)...It's like they are long lost brothers and sisters...She has a new appetite for fast-food, and Lex's family and my family have been taking numerous trips to Petsmart & showering her with toys...In summary, she's very spoiled!!

Stella in her new home - things have changed!!


What a difference a year makes!!

Thanks Chris and Lexie for giving Stella a wonderful forever home!


Merry Christmas from Wilson!

Wilson can't resist the lure of the Christmas tree


Sometimes it seems that cats just automatically know when they have a cat lover in their midst. That's what happened to Alice and Reg Lake when they went on a Mediterranean Cruise - they made a lot of new friends on their voyage!




Guilla Grows Up!


November 06 - An unsuccessful adoption day!          Guilla's first Christmas in Maine  - 2006

Last November after being passed over at an adoption day "Guilla" was adopted and taken to her new home in Maine. In the past year she has grown up, made a lot of new friends, gained a "real" baby brother this past spring and has recently had her first birthday! Thank you Stacia, Ryan and Jami for giving Guilla  a wonderful loving home.


Guilla has certainly grown up in a year!!






Morlens Veterinary Hospital in Sandy Hill has been a very busy place in 2007 with 211 spay or neuter surgeries being completed for AARF. Of those surgeries 84 were dog spays, 42 were dog neuters, 53 were cat spays and 32 were cat neuters. 2/3 of those surgeries were provided for the animals that were adopted through AARF's adoption process and the remaining third were need based.

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Vanterpool, and Amy Williams of Morlens Veterinary Hospital in Sandy Hill and  Dr. Valerie Thomas of the Agriculture Department for their continued cooperation - without their dedication it would be impossible for AARF to exist. Since the inception of our spay/neuter program in Anguilla in July of 2003 AARF has sponsored surgeries for 854 dogs and cats. 

Did you know that one unspayed cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 kittens in 7 years? And one unspayed female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in that same time span. 

AARF is making a difference through your support and generosity at our fundraising events. 

Thank you!



 Over two years ago in November 2005, AARF initiated a new adoption policy that included a fee of $20 USD to adopt an animal from AARF. This small fee includes a free spay or neuter when the puppy/kitten is old enough for the surgery (between 4 & 6 months), worming, flea/tick bath and the animals first set of vaccinations. Cats are also tested for feline aids/leukemia, which is an incurable disease transmitted from cat to cat and is common here on Anguilla.  Dogs are tested for heartworm, a parasite transmitted by mosquitoes  and erlichosis,a blood parasite transmitted by ticks. Both of these diseases are common on Anguilla and can be life threatening.  

New owners are provided with information on the proper care of their pet and encouraged to call AARF if they need any other assistance.  

In addition, AARF has also developed a surrender form that allows the owner of an unwanted dog or cat to leave the animal at the AARF Shelter at no charge. This permits the animal to then be put up for adoption. These animals will be accepted free, but need to be eating on their own which is usually at 6 weeks of age or older. It is hoped that unwanted dogs and cats will be taken to the AARF Shelter at Morlens Veterinary Hospital instead of being left to fend for themselves and causing a nuisance in the areas where they are abandoned.     

We are pleased to report that since January of this year AARF has found homes, mostly in Anguilla, for 220 puppies/dogs and kittens/cats. Thank you to everyone that has welcomed these unfortunate animals into your hearts and homes and given them a second chance! 

Very special thanks to our  Adoption Chairman, Maria Forman and all her volunteers who work tirelessly to find homes for these unwanted animals.

A huge thank you to those that agree to foster our animals and give their hearts away - even for a short time!                   

AARF would like to also thank Lake's World, Best Buy and Ashley's for allowing us to use their premises to hold our adoption days.


AARF Puppies Find Forever Homes at an Adoption Day!


Dog Best Friend for Seniors

A study shows that lonely seniors prefer playing with a dog than visiting with other humans.

Dr. William A. Banks, professor of geriatrics at St. Louis University School of Medicine, said his findings, which will be published in the March 2006 issue of Anthrozoos, show there is some truth in the cliché of a dog as "man's best friend."

Banks found that nursing home residents felt much less lonely after spending time alone with a dog than they did when they visited with a dog and other people.

"It was a strange finding," said Banks. "We had thought that the dog acts as a social lubricant and increases the interaction between the residents. We expected the group dog visits were going to work better, but they didn't."

He said the residents preferred spending a little quiet time with the dog than spending time with a dog and other people.


AARF always needs members and joining us can be very rewarding!  Memberships are vital to the life of the organization and all fees go directly to support AARF programs including animal care, spay/neuter clinics and education.  

Membership dues are:

Student (Under age 18) $13.00 EC / $5.00 US

 Regular $53.00 EC /$20.00US

 Senior (65 and over) $13.00EC/ $5.00US

 Family $ 80.00 EC/$30.00 US

 Corporate $300.00 EC /$112.00US. 

  Lifetime memberships (one time fee) $500.00EC / $186.00US. 

Volunteers are needed in areas of education, fundraising, adoption days, helping Amy at the AARF Shelter and fostering those animals awaiting their permanent home.  If you can volunteer or want to adopt a puppy or kitten (adult animals as well), or know of ones that need homes, please call AARF at 476-2731. 


If you would like more information on AARF please visit our website at www.aarf.ai, send us an email at aarfinfo@aarf.ai or contact our Membership Chairman Gayle Gurvey at 264 - 497-5445 or US toll free 877-471-2733.

Or call AARF at 476-2371. 

If you are interested in becoming a member you can obtain a membership form via our Membership page. Or you can get one 

at the AARF Shelter located at Morlens Veterinary Hospital in Sandy Hill, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  

Completed membership forms may be sent to: 


PO Box RI 4228

Anguilla,BWI  AI2460


Our "Spare Change Drive" is on-going so don't forget to drop those extra coins and cash at one of our locations! We really appreciate your donations and the proceeds go to our LeHigh Fund, (established in memory of David Johnson, an AARF member and foster parent), that assists financially with medical treatment for pet owners including spay and neuter surgery. This year funds from the collection boxes/Lehigh fund have provided free surgery for 61 dogs and cats, as well as heartworm treatments and other medical needs. Thank you Bob Turner for creating these permanent donation boxes for AARF. The donation  boxes are located at the following establishments - Straw Hat, Caribbean Cable Communications, Bartlett•s• Collections, Wallblake Airport, Christine Fleming's Mini-Mart, Ashley's Pet Shop, Best Buy, Lake's Grocery, Morlens Veterinary Hospital, Tropical Flower, Sophie's Hair Design, Anguilla Fencing, Fat Cat, Anguilla Techni Sales, Ashely's Grocery Blowing Point, Roy's Bayside Restaurant, Irie Life, Barrel Stay Restaurant and Foods 95. 

In November we were pleasantly surprised to receive the assistance of WISE (Workshop Initiative for Support in Education) who created 6 new donation boxes in their woodworking workshop. We are extremely grateful to this organization and its members who are learning a new skill and in the process helping the animals of Anguilla and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Thank you to all the businesses that have agreed to support our cause.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE .......... 

Remember: Dogs and cats are better than kids because they: 
1. Eat less 
2. Don't ask for money all the time 
3 Are easier to train 
4. Normally come when called 
5. Never ask to drive the car 
Don't hang out with drug-using friends 
7. Don't smoke or drink 
8. Don't have to buy the latest fashions 
9. Don't want to wear your clothes 
10. Don't need a gazillion dollars for college, and... 
If they get pregnant, you can sell their children.

Contributed by Catherine Orchard


That first Christmas, two thousand years ago, was a clear and cloudless night. The velvet black skies were filled with the breath-taking beauty of the stars and with the startling brilliance of one great star that shone its light over a small stable in Bethlehem.

Mighty Kings as well as lowly shepherds have come to see the newborn babe and to bring gifts. In the night, the Child cries, and as mothers have for thousands of years, the young mother, Mary rouses herself, trying not to disturb her husband, and goes to her new baby. She feeds Him, changes him and rocks Him in her arms, but His crying goes on. She sings softly to Him. For a moment, He stops to listen, but soon begins to cry again.  

From the straw beneath the manger, there appears a small striped cat. Curious, as is all her tribe, the cat climbs quickly to the manger and looks down at the Child. After a moment of curious inspection, she creeps into the manger, and lies down beside the crying Child, curls into a sleepy ball and begins to purr. 

And she purrs, and purrs, and purrs. The Child ceases His crying and a look of listening crosses His small face. At last, soothed by the cat's rumbling song of happiness, the Child sleeps.

Jesus slept peacefully through the rest of the cold night with the cat's furry warmth at his feet and its tranquil purr in his ears.

As dawn's first sunbeams pushed through the old barn doors and landed brightly on the peaceful manger scene, a refreshed and grateful Mary leaned down toward the attentive cat, still in the manger with her sleeping son.

"Thank you, Cat", she softly whispered as she stroked the silky head. "To show my appreciation I will ask God to bless you." Mary reached down and gently traced her first initial, the letter M, on the cat's forehead while praying, "May the Lord bless you, most loving and sensitive of animals. May you and all your children carry this outward sign of the kind and gentle heart that beats within, and may all who see this mark reward you with loving kindness."

Today, all Tabby cats wear the letter M proudly on their foreheads as a sign that God sends extraordinary help in some very ordinary ways.




  1. My life is likely to last about 10 –15 years. Any separation from you will be painful for me. Remember that before you adopt me.

  2. Give me time to understand what you want from me.

  3. Place your trust in me. It is crucial for my well being.

  4. Don’t be angry with me for long and don’t lock me up as punishment. You have your work, entertainment, friends. I have only you.

  5. Talk to me sometimes. Even if  I don’t understand your work. I understand your voice.

  6. Be aware that however you treat me …. I will never forget it.

  7. Please don’t hit me, I can’t hit back. I can bite and scratch and I really don’t want to do that.

  8. Before you scold me for being so uncooperative, obstinate or lazy ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I’m not getting the right food, or I am thirsty or I’ve been out in the sun too long or my heart is getting old and weak.

  9. Take care of me when I am old. You too will grow old someday.

  10. Go with me on difficult journey•s•. Never say “I can’t bear to watch” or “let it happen in my absence.” Everything is easier for me if you are there. Remember I love you.

Author Unknown





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