Volume 5, Issue 5                                                                                     December 2005                                                                                                                               

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AARF Announces New Adoption Policy

AARF Participates in the annual Soroptimist Christmas Fair

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2005 Spay & Neuter Program Update 

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AARF•s• Announces New Adoption Policy   

The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation has released a new set of policies to encourage adoptions of unwanted puppies and kittens / cats and dogs on the island. Beginning November 1, 2005 there is now a fee of $20 US to adopt an animal from AARF. This small fee includes a free spay or neuter when the puppy/kitten is old enough for the surgery (between 4 & 6 months), worming, flea/tick bath and the animals first set of vaccinations. Cats are also tested for feline aids/leukemia, which is an incurable disease transmitted from cat to cat and is common here on Anguilla.  Dogs are tested for heartworm, a parasite transmitted by mosquitoes and ehrlichiosis, a blood parasite transmitted by ticks. Both of these diseases are also common on Anguilla and life threatening. 

New owners will be provided with information on the proper care of their pet and encouraged to call AARF if they need any other assistance.  

In addition, AARF has also developed a surrender form that allows the owner of an unwanted dog or cat to leave the animal at Morlens at no charge. This permits the animal to then be put up for adoption. These animals will be accepted free, but need to be eating on their own which is usually at 6 weeks of age or older. It is hoped that unwanted dogs and cats will be taken to Morlens instead of being left to fend for themselves and causing a nuisance in the areas where they are abandoned.   

 Since 2003 when AARF initiated their free spay/neuter program more than 500 dogs and cats here on Anguilla have been sterilized. This past year the foundation has focused the program on animals adopted through AARF and over 125 animals have been adopted by Anguillian families.                                                                                   



 AARF Participates in the Annual Soroptimist Christmas Fair 

On Saturday December 3rd AARF volunteers met at Government House to set up a booth for the Soroptimist Christmas Fair. We sold t-shirts, dog treats and pet supplies, as well as AARF magnets and stickers. We also sponsored our much sought after AARF Raffle. Each year Ashley's Pet Store donates dog and cat food and supplies and we have a dog and a cat raffle. This years winners were Thomas Peabody winner of the dog raffle for his dog Bear and Kim Coburn who won the cat raffle. Kim has a colony of feral cats that she feeds and has had spayed/neutered and was happy to win! 

We were pleased to have several AARF members volunteer to help this year - a big thank you to Joan Hill, Judy Carmichael, Melissa Richardson, Clarissa and Rumple Lloyd, Alex Crabtree, Brenda Lawrence, Tamara Capes, Amy Williams, Chris Carty and Suzie Donahue. 

We had a very successful day and raised over $650 US to help with our on-going spay/neuter program. 

Tamara Capes and Michelle Moreland bake dog treats for the fair. 



                            Charlie, Spot and Sparky test the treats and give them a "paws up"! 

            AARF Tent at Soroptimist Fair                           


Upcoming Fund Raising Events

Mark those 2006 calendars for two of AARF's Fun  & Exciting Fundraisers

BINGO - On Saturday January 14th AARF will be meeting at Roy's Bayside Grill for a night of bingo. As they did on our previous bingo night, Roy & Mandy will be serving a pre-bingo dinner at the low price of $15 US dollars. The bingo tickets will be $20 US and include a chance to win 25 games. Tickets are limited so if you are interested in dinner and bingo tickets or just bingo tickets they can be purchased at Bartlett's Collections at the Sandy Ground Roundabout, Anguilla Techni Sales at North Hill  or at Caribbean Cable Communications at George Hill. You can also call Althea at 497-6493 or Suzie at 497-8177 or send an email to 

We will  also offer inexpensive prices on beer, wine, soda and water and other drinks will be available at the bar at Roy's regular prices. 

We are currently gathering a lot of super prizes so plan to join us! Watch The Anguillian  and your email for more news on this upcoming event. 


ANNUAL YARD SALE - On Saturday March the 18th AARF will be hosting our bargain filled Annual Yard Sale at the Agriculture Center in the Valley. We are currently taking donations at our new container, donated by Expan LTD, located at Anguilla Techni-Sales between the hours of 9 -12 and 1 - 4 Monday through Friday. Please think of AARF when you are cleaning out those closets or considering re-gifting those unwanted presents you have received! And if you are interested in working a couple of hours to help sort, deliver or sell - just give us a call (same #'s as for tickets). We always need volunteers!! 

The Anguillian & AARF Partner with AARF Fun Page

Education Chairman, Tamara Capes and her committee of Diane Sheehan, Michelle Moreland and Lynn Bartlett are working with The Anguillian on a weekly Fun Page filled with all kinds of animal care information, crossword puzzles, games, contests and other educational activities. We have heard many positive comments about the page and hope that you are enjoying it too. We wish to express our appreciation to Nat Hodge and his staff at The Anguillian for making this possible. 

2005 Spay and Neuter Program Update 

AARF's main project is our spay and neuter program. Since we began in the summer of 2003 we have spayed or neutered over 500 animals at no charge to their owners. As previously noted our focus this year and in 2006 will be the puppies and kittens that are adopted through AARF. We have had over 125 adoptions since September of 2004 and of course, with each adoption we add more to our spay/neuter list! This year all funds for the program are coming from the donations of residents and visitors, as well as our fund raising projects. We thank all of you for your support of this very important program. As of the end of December 05 we have spayed or neutered almost 100 dogs and cats this year. 

MasterCard Donates to AARF

In July of 2004,  Mr. Sergio Estevez, Vice President and General Manager of MasterCard International presented $1000 US to AARF to assist in our spay/neuter program goal -  to stop the many unwanted births of puppies and kittens here on our island. In early December Chris Carty, AARF President and Suzie Donahue Spay/Neuter project coordinator,  accepted from Andrew Niles of Scotia Bank another donation of $1000 US from MasterCard International. We are extremely grateful to Mr. Estevez and MasterCard International for their continued support and commitment to AARF. 

AARF Spotlight

In this issue we are introducing a new segment - the AARF Spotlight  - each newsletter will focus on an AARF member who is extremely important to the success of our foundation. 

This month the AARF Spotlight shines on Amy Williams. 








Amy with one of her 3 dogs - "Shrimp"! 


Amy is the Veterinary Assistant at Morlens Veterinary Clinic at Sandy Hill in Anguilla and a huge part of our organization. AARF works in partnership with Morlens, owned and operated by Dr. Patrick Vanterpool. Morlens allows AARF to house our homeless animals at their clinic, and Dr. Vanterpool with Amy's assistance, performs all the surgeries on the animals adopted through the AARF program. We are extremely grateful to Amy for all that she does to take care of these homeless animals that come into the clinic. Each and every day she is at the clinic tending to the animals - and there are always animals there! She is a great facilitator of the AARF adoption process and  serves on the policies and procedures committee that set up our new adoption policy. She is an accomplished "finder of homes" for the many puppies and kittens that come through our doors. She also works as a member of the spay/neuter committee and is the contact for all the surgeries that are done for our adoptees. She is also a Trustee and member of AARF's executive board. Amy's job is very difficult and we credit Amy with much of the success of our organization. 

Past Newsletter Updates:

  •  Luca of Cap Juluca! 

Remember the "Saga of Luca" that was published in our Fall Newsletter? Luca was born at Cap Juluca and lived at the hotel as well as with Suzie Donahue for 3 years. She had two litters of kittens - one litter that was taken away and resulted in the story of an unbelievable and happy reunion and a second litter after she disappeared and was "rescued" again. Finally spayed she continued to return to CJ from Suzie's house for the "Juluca experience". This past May a couple from Virginia - Archie and Sandy Tignor fell in love with her while they were staying at Cap Juluca and took her home with them. Last week, they sent the picture below of Luca who looks extremely pleased to be in her forever home! Archie reports that she sleeps with them every night and never wants to go outside. We thank them for giving her such a wonderful loving home. 

Lucky Luca in Virginia!  


  • Lehigh Fund

The purpose of The Lehigh Memorial Fund which was established in September of this year, in memory of AARF member David Johnson, is to assist pet owners in paying for either emergency care or other medical treatment for their pets that they may not be able to afford. We have been pleased to receive many donations and thank all of have contributed to the fund so far. The fund has been used for heartworm treatment for Hope - a stray that was rescued by Melissa Richardson.

In addition to donations made in David•s• name the fund will also include donations to the "spare change drive" collection boxes placed around the island, as well as any other contributions that people make and designate to the program.  Donations are always welcome to this fund. 

AARF Wish List

We are often asked by island visitors and AARF supporters "what can I do to help?"

Of course, your monetary donations are the lifeblood of our organization - we could not survive without the donations of the many kind and generous animal lovers that support AARF. 

In addition at the clinic, we always need donations of 

Towels (used are fine!) to dry our puppies and kittens after their initial flea and tick baths

  Newspapers - to line the kennels

Cat & Dog Food  - to feed our feral animals

Litter for our kittens/cats


Paper Towels 

Garbage Bags

Flea/Tick shampoo/spray

Bleach/Cleaning supplies

      Surgical gloves for clean up     


             Check our website for donation information at                         


Spare Change Drive: 

Our "Spare Change Drive" is on-going so don't forget to drop those "heavy" coins and that extra cash at one of our locations! We really appreciate your donations!  Bob Turner has used his superb carpentry skills to create permanent donation boxes for AARF. Althea, Bob's  wife, is our fundraising chairman and you might see her running here and there placing these new and attractive boxes in our supporting businesses. The donation  boxes are located at the following establishments - Vinissimo, La Sirena, Straw Hat, Caribbean Cable Communications, Bartlett•s• Collections, Wallblake Airport,  Christine Fleming's Mini-Mart, Ashley's Pet Shop, Best Buy, Anguilla Post Office - Retail Store, Lake's Grocery, Sophie Dehove Hair Design, Morlens Veterinary Clinic, Tropical Flower,  Fat Cat, Anguilla Techni Sales, Ace Hardware and Roy's Bayside Restaurant. Thank you Bob for sharing your talents and to all the business's that have agreed to support our cause.

Support our Sponsors:

We acknowledge and thank with much gratitude the following businesses for their contributions to AARF in 2005.  We urge you to support them!   

Anguilla Garden Centre     Anguilla Techni-Sales Ashley's Grocery & Pet Stores
Caribbean Cable Communications  Essentials   Expan, Ltd.  
Funtime Charters Harney's   Haskins LTD   
Hurricane Cove / Nevis   Irie Life  Keene Enterprises 
Kim’s Baskets   Lake's World    Mango’s           
Micasa  Roy’s Bayside Grill 
Seaside Stables          Shaken Not Stirred  Straw Hat    
The Pumphouse        Video Dynesty     Vinissimo        
 World Art & Antiques         KPMG  





Join Us!!  

The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation (AARF) always needs members and joining us isn't expensive and very rewarding!  Memberships are vital to the life of the organization and all fees go directly to support AARF programs including animal care, free spay/neuter clinics and education.  

Membership dues are:

Student (Under age 18) $10.00 EC / $3.72 US

 Regular $25.00 EC /$9.30US

 Senior (65 and over) $10.00EC/ $3.72US

 Family $ 40.00 EC/$14.88 US,

 Corporate $300.00 EC /$11.60US. 

  Lifetime memberships (one time fee) $500.00EC / $186.00US.

We are always looking for new members to support AARF fundraising events, assist at Morlens Veterinary Clinic or to help us with our on-going spay and neuter project. If you would like more information on AARF please visit our website at, send us an email at or call Amy at 497- 4600 or Suzie at 497-8177.

If you are interested in becoming a member you can obtain membership forms via our Membership page. Or you can get one at Morlens Veterinary
in Sandy Hill, during our open hours.  


v    Nena moves to Chicago! 

Contributed by Micki Garcia

Whenever someone asks me what kind of dog I have, I always reply, "A purebred coconut retriever."  It usually takes people a second or two to realize that I am joking. 
In fact, Nena is an Anguillian mutt--a beautiful, short-legged, stumpy-bodied, and very, very affectionate bush dog.  She was found in a box by the side of the road with her six female littermates.  My husband saw her picture at one of the local restaurants and pleaded with me to bring her home with us.
At that time, we had been living in Anguilla for about a year.  We had no children and thought Nena would be a great addition to our family.  She was a cute, cuddly little furball, full of energy. 
And she was a handful.  Always yapping, snapping, growling and trying to play.  We spent many sleepless nights, listening to her whine for attention.  During the day, she would not sit still long enough to even be petted!  Instead, she wanted to chew on everything--shoes, handbags, bed linens and even our hands.
I thought I would never be able to tame this animal, who I was sure was one of the hounds of hell.  But suddenly, seemingly overnight, Nena outgrew her puppy hood to become the most pleasant and wonderful dog.  She has the Anguillian mutt temperament--docile, friendly and very affectionate.  She is great with other dogs and with children.  We have never had a moment's hesitation bringing her with us anywhere. 
Since then, we have had a daughter, Zoe, who is now almost 4.  When Zoe was a baby, Nena and I used to take her walking on Sandy Hill beach in the mornings.  On Sundays, we would gather at small beaches with other friends and their dogs and let them all run free. 
Life in Anguilla was wonderful for all of us, especially, I suspect, for Nena.  I left our front door wide open all day and she was free to run out with our neighbor's dog.  The two of them were fast friends, chasing lizards in the morning and napping on our porch or living room in the afternoon.
After four years in Anguilla, my husband and I decided it was time for us to return to life in the states.  As we began to prepare to leave, many people asked us whether we were going to bring Nena with us.  "Of course, she is a member of our family," was always my answer.
However, I knew that moving from Anguilla to Chicago was going to be a tremendous change for all of us, especially Nena.  I'll admit it was a difficult transition.  During the first snowfall, Nena refused to go out for four days.  She still hides under the bed during every storm and during walks will sometimes hear a noise or smell something that will send her straight back home, tail between her legs.
But for the most part, keeping our family intact has been fairly simple.  The only requirement for bringing a dog into the states (and many countries) is proof of rabies and other vaccinations.  We obtained the necessary paperwork easily from Nena's vet.  We also had to call the airline to make a reservation for Nena and make sure we followed the airline's guidelines for traveling with pets.  An important rule for traveling pets in the Caribbean is that most airlines will not permit them to travel during the summer months (between mid May and September).
Looking back at the experience a year later, we are so glad that we made the decision to bring our pooch home with us.  She enriches all our lives in countless ways.  We are so lucky that Nena adopted us!



v    Christmas Trees & Cats!

The attraction of a "tree"  inside the house is just way too much for some of our cats to resist. How many times have we seen the family cat "ride" our beautifully decorated tree right down to the floor??? Here are a few pictures of Christmas Tree Cats!

                          Daisy                                                                                                        Wilson

                   Maxwell                                                         Maisie


v   From Stowaway to Fat Cat Class

Some of you may have already heard this "happy ending" story - about a cat in Wisconsin that had the adventure of a lifetime - actually many, many lifetimes! 

Thursday, December 1, 2005


Emily the cat gets a bird's-eye view from her business class seat.

PARIS, France (AP) -- Emily the cat is heading home, in style.

The wayward tabby from Wisconsin that disappeared two months ago and wound up traveling across the Atlantic to France on a ship boarded a Continental Airlines flight Thursday -- in business class.

Travel conditions leaving Europe promised to be a bit more comfortable for Emily, who arrived as a stowaway in a cargo container after straying from home in Wisconsin.

"I don't think she'll drink champagne but I think she will be happy to rest," said Continental spokesman Philippe Fleury, at Charles de Gaulle airport to see Emily off. The airline offered to fly the cat home after her tale spread around the world and she cleared a one-month quarantine.

"This was such a marvelous story, that we wanted to add something to it," Fleury told AP Television News. A full-fare ticket for Emily's seat would normally cost about $6,000 and the airline provided a company escort for the cat.

Emily vanished from her home in Appleton, Wisconsin, late September. She apparently wandered into a paper company's distribution center near her home and crawled into a container of paper bales.

The container went by truck to Chicago and by ship to Belgium before the cat was found October 24 at Raflatac, a laminating company in Nancy, France.

Emily, who turned 1 year old that very day, was thin and thirsty but still alive.

Workers at Raflatac used her tags to phone her veterinarian in Wisconsin, and the vet called her owners.

Emily flew from Paris to Newark, New Jersey and then boarded a connecting flight to Chicago where she was met by her family appearing none the worse and driven home to Wisconsin. 


Final Thought: 

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”