Volume 3, Issue 5                                                                                      August 2003

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July 2003 Spay Neuter Clinic Concludes Successfully

Animals Available for Adoption

Recent Adoptions

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Pet Concerns During Hurricane Season

ALHCS Design & Technology Class Donates Dog House

Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf

July 2003 Spay Neuter Clinic Concludes Successfully

AARF's spay and neuter pilot program got its kick off on Friday night July 4, 2003 at the Teacher's Resource Center in the Public Library.  Mr. Joseph Payne served as Chairperson for the evening's proceedings and Rev. Cecil Weekes provided the invocation.  Special guest speakers for the evening included Mrs. Lana Hoyoung Principal Assistant Secretary in the Chief Minister•s• Office, Sherry and John Morrall President/Vice President Puppy Angels, and Ms. Anne Ostberg Communications Director and Program Officer of the Pegasus Foundation.   Mrs. Suzan Donahue, Project Coordinator for the program gave a note of thanks to everyone who helped with the project.

The program jointly funded by The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation, Puppy Angels and The Pegasus Foundation had the following goals:

Spay/Neuter approximately 100 animals including both cats and dogs over a one month period

Raise public awareness of the advantages of spay/neuter

Increase public awareness of pet health issues and disease prevention such as annual vaccinations, heartworm and ehrlichiosis


Mr. Payne serves as Chairperson for the evening.  At table from left to right Mrs. Lana Hoyoung, Mrs. Sherry Morrall, Mrs. Suzan Donahue, and Ms. Anne Ostberg


Reverend Cecil Weekes provided the invocation and an inspiring story of a dog's loyalty to his owner.

Dr. Patrick Vanterpool and Ms. Amy Williams were introduced as our veterinary team along with Ms. Mary Allen Bradley a visiting 4th year veterinary student from North Carolina State University and Ms. Chantal Harrigan who is studying Pre Vet Medicine in Canada.  The program concluded with refreshments.

Morlen's Veterinary Hospital in Sandy Hill was the site of the clinic.

Saturday July 5th at 6:00 am surgeries began at Morlen's with a number of volunteers checking in animals as well as providing clean up and comfort to those animals who were not used to being in a strange place.  

The free spay and neuter clinic was conducted over 5 days in July and finished earlier than expected thanks to the tireless efforts of the Veterinary staff and volunteers.   Upon discharge participants were provided with flea and tick treatment donated by Hartz and an educational newsletter that contained information about health care issues, spay/neuter and licensing in Anguilla.

The results of the clinic are as follows:

Female Dog 42
Female Cat 17
Male Dog 26
Male Cat 11
Total 96

We will continue to seek funding for the balance of the animals that were not selected for the program with the goal of concluding in the fall.  Puppy Angels has already pledged further financial assistance with the program.

The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation would like to thank both Puppy Angels and The Pegasus Foundation for their significant financial contributions to the program and for attending and supporting the kick off weekend.  We look forward to continuing our partnerships in the future.

The AARF Executive Committee would like to thank the following individuals who worked at the clinic providing surgical support, animal clean up as well as pre and post op care:  Susan Donahue (Project Coordinator), Sherry and John Morrall, Jacquie Connor, Chris Carty, Jaxson Arnold, Barbara Owen, Kim Straubing, Sylvia McMean, Jackie Pascher, Rafael Cestero, and Jackie Cestero.

Thanks to Monica Trimble of Temenos for sending a surprise lunch from Le Bon Pan on Friday!

We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to the Anguillian Community for their support of the program especially all those who allowed us to put applications in their place of business and encouraged participation.  We were glad to have helped in some small way to help our Island Nation.

Thank you also to our sponsors shown below.

Shoal Bay Villas
Serenity Cottage
Island Rental Car
Gwen's Reggae Grill
Anguilla Life
All Island Cable TV
The Anguillian
Radio Anguilla
Heart Beat Radio
The Herald
The Light
Tropical Flower
The Anguilla Community Foundation
Malliouhana Hotel
The Post Office
Ashley's Pet Store
Bartlett's Collection
Ripples Restaurant
Financial Donations from residents and visitors
Blues and Blues

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Below are some special moments from our clinic.

John Morrall and Jaxson Arnold assemble crates returned from New Hampshire for use in the clinic.


Anne Ostberg of the Pegasus Foundation spent the morning at the clinic observing and taking numerous videos!


Amy Williams, Veterinary Technician, checks on animals and prepares them for anesthesia.


Crates everywhere!


Oscar (Dr. Vanterpool's cat) supervises from above the clinic.


Jacquie Connor tried a new collar on Mustang after his flea bath.  She was hiding her face from the camera...

But we caught her a bit later enjoying the hard work!


Rocky waits his turn for surgery.


Mary Allen and Sherry prepare to neuter Four Face!


Jaxson Arnold and Chris Carty get the messy cleanup detail. 


Sherry and John Morrall provide extra health care like nail trimming and ear cleaning.


Mary Allen Bradley observes cat spay performed by Dr. Vanterpool assisted by Amy Williams.


Sherry Morrall assists Mary Ellen Bradley with a cat spay.


Kim Straubing bathing this wonderful dog who came in covered with fleas and ticks and a strange brown color.


Dr. Patrick Vanterpool performs surgery....

with Amy Williams assisting.


Jacquie Pascher helped out too, especially with cats.  She was a real trouper with Wild Cat!


Shamus finds a comfortable position after her spay.


Lynx awaits surgery quietly.


Kitty waiting.


Kitty anxious to go home.

What big claws you have!


Elmo departs the clinic with his owner.


Spicy goes home with Mom after his neuter.


Bob and Althea Turner take home 4 of the 6 dogs they brought in for owners in the Blowing Point area.

Our many thanks for all their efforts to support the community and the clinic!


After 8 unwanted litters, Fluffy ends the cycle.

Natalie Hawkins takes her home to relax.


Wendy Rogers adopted Brownie from AARF several weeks ago.  She will not have any puppies thanks to the clinic.  Our thanks to Wendy for giving her a great home!


Muriel Richardson gives her baby Sofi a snuggle at pickup time.  Sofi was also an AARF puppy adopted in June.  Thanks to Muriel for giving her a great home!


Roxie gets carried home after her surgery.


Spike shows off her stitches on the way home.


Lolita was a stray that wandered into Lydia's yard. No more pups for her.


Sugar serenaded us for the day.


Shoey poses with Daphne Brooks' granddaughter.  She just finished nursing a litter of pups.  


Snap poses with his Dad

Champion poses with Mom, Erma Austin


At the end of the program celebration was in order.  Our many thanks to Suzan Donahue for her superb coordination of the project and numerous hours of volunteer work.


Very special thanks to Amy Williams and Dr. Pat Vanterpool for their dedication and hard work on behalf of the clinic and the day to day care of Anguilla's homeless animals!

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Animals Available for Adoption


Cisco (M)                                            Clara (F)


Ivory (F)                                     Betsy (F)

Grace (F)

The 5 puppies above are approximately 10 weeks of age and in great health.  They have wonderful personalities and would make great family pets.

Johnson, an approximately 5 week old male kitten and his 5 siblings came to the clinic on July 30th.  To see more photos and learn about these sweet kittens click here.


Patch and Leah (Adopted)


These three 6 week old female pups are currently with Jackie Crawford at 497-8118 or 235-7556.

For further information on adoptable pets click here, or contact Amy at Morlen's Veterinary Hospital 497-4600 Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Remember to spay and neuter your pets to reduce the number of homeless animals!

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Recent Adoptions

Monica Trimble adopted Ashley on June 1st.  She stopped by Morlen's for her shots during the spay neuter clinic.  Boy has she grown up!


Patson adopted Tabitha a 3 year old spayed cat who was surrendered due to allergies in the household.  

Our many thanks to both Patson and Monica for giving our special adoptable pets great homes.  We wish you all the best for a long and happy life together.

Sophie is one of the 25 puppies that went to New Hampshire in May of this year.  At 18 weeks she is looking quite lovely.  Our thanks to Sherry Morrall for sharing this photo with us!


Congo and Marley went off to New Hampshire with Deb and Grant Thayer of Boston along with 2 other pups.  They volunteered to take the pups back on their return from their honeymoon in Anguilla.  Not surprisingly they decided to adopt two of the girls.  They have become quite lovely young ladies as you can see.   Many thanks to the Thayers and the Morralls for sharing this photo.


Bean is also one of the 25 pups that went to Puppy Angels in May of this year.  She was fostered by Lisa Girard of PA and is living with 2 other Anguilla dogs Ebony and Dakota.  She just won "Prettiest Pooch" at the state dog walk!

It appears Lisa once again failed at fostering and is keeping her.  Our many thanks to Lisa for the picture and giving her a special home.


If you have pictures/stories of adopted pets, please share them with us at 

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Membership Update

The AARF Membership is growing and at the end of this year's membership drive we have the following figures:

Corporate Memberships 5
Lifetime Memberships 9
Regular Memberships 22
Family Memberships 22
Senior Memberships 3
Student Memberships 2
Total 63

Membership dues go toward the support of our ongoing programs to reduce the number of unwanted animals in Anguilla and improving the quality of life for all of Anguilla's animals.

As a reminder, membership dues are required to be paid prior to the general meeting.  Members who have not paid their dues will not be allowed to vote in the elections to be held at the Annual General Meeting.  

Persons interested in paying their dues should contact Barbara Owen or Chris Carty.

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Corporate Membership Page

The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation is pleased to have a growing number of corporate memberships.  We sincerely appreciate businesses in the community that support the goals of the organization at any level.  

The cost of a corporate membership is only EC$300.00 annually.  Your company logo will proudly be displayed on our web site and you will receive notice of our electronic newsletter postings.  

Membership dues go toward the support of our ongoing programs to reduce the number of unwanted animals in Anguilla and improving the quality of life for all of Anguilla's animals.

AARF membership applications are available at Morlen's Veterinary Hospital or on our web site.

Make a difference and become a corporate member today!

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Pet Concerns During Hurricane Season 

Hurricane season is once again upon us and we need to consider the care of our companion animals.  Click here to see information on care of your pets during this difficult season.  This page includes excerpts from the Humane Society of the United States adapted for AARF.

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ALHCS Design & Technology Class Donates Dog House

AARF would like to thank students in Mr. Gordon Cillas' Design and Technology class for donating a dog house to AARF.  Ivan Dore was the designer of the house and it is in the style of a castle.  We really appreciate the class thinking of AARF and sharing their talents to help support our goals.

  The house will be auctioned as a part of our fund raising efforts to help support spay/neuter programs in Anguilla.

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Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood is skipping down the road when she sees a
big bad wolf crouched down behind a log. "My, what big eyes you have, Mr.
Wolf." The wolf jumps up and runs away. 

Further down the road Little Red
Riding Hood sees the wolf again and this time he is crouched behind a bush.
"My what big ears you have, Mr. Wolf."  Again the wolf jumps up and runs away. 

About two miles down the road Little
Red Riding Hood sees the wolf again and this time he is crouched down behind
a rock. "My what big teeth you have Mr. Wolf. " 

With that the wolf jumps up
and screams, "Will you knock it off, I'm trying to poop!"

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