Volume 2, Issue 4                                                                                           August 2002

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2002 Annual General Meeting

Lost Dogs Found In Corito

Kathy Haskins Raises Money for AARF Computer- Funds Still Needed

Photo Album Update

2002 Annual General Meeting

On July 29, 2002 the Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation held its first Annual General Meeting.  The meeting was chaired by President Dr. Patrick Vanterpool who provided a summary of the years' activities including statistics of animals handled by AARF.  Many thanks were sent to those who supported the organization etc.  

The following members were elected as officers for the 2002-2003 year.

Mr. Joseph N. Payne               President

Ms. Disa Billington                  Vice President

Mrs. Barbara Owen                 Treasurer

Mrs. Chris Carty                      Secretary         

Mrs. Suzan Donahue                Elected ordinary member to serve on executive committee

Mrs. Jacquie Connor                Elected ordinary member to serve on executive committee  


Mr. Payne (President) and Ms. Disa Billington (Vice President)


Ms. Disa Billington (VP), Mrs. Barbara Owen (Treasurer), Mr. Payne (President), Mrs. Chris Carty (Secretary), Mrs. Jacquie Connor (Elected Member)

Missing from photo Mrs. Suzan Donahue (Elected Member)

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Lost Dogs Found in Corito

    Becky Haskins sends us this picture of 2 dogs found in her neighborhood in Corito.  It looks like they got away from someone based on the ropes around their necks.  Please call Amy at Morlen's Veterinary Clinic if you have lost these lovely dogs.  (497-4600)

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Kathy Haskins Raises Money for AARF Computer - Funds Still Needed

One of AARF's great supporters Kathy Haskins took it upon herself to collect funds for a much needed computer for capturing AARF statistics.  Thus far Kathy has raised $1080.00.  We still need to collect another $400 to pay for the printer and duty.  If you are interested in donating to this worthy cause, please contact 

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Photo Album Update

Another of AARF's wonderful adoptable pets has gone to a home in the United States.  On her recent visit here to Anguilla, Cathy Broome of Maryland enquired about bringing a cat back to the States with her.  She came well equipped with carrier and all the items necessary to bring back a kitten.  Cathy had recently lost one of her treasured friends and wanted a kitten to keep her remaining cat company.  Cathy felt that bringing a rescue cat from AARF home would be a good idea.  

AARF had one female kitten available at the time and it was love at first sight.  Cathy named her Hana after Malliouhana.  Every day while Cathy was here she visited with Hana at Morlen's Veterinary Clinic.  Reports were that Hana got very upset when Cathy would leave her for the day.  Hana was definitely bonding with Cathy.

AARF would like to thank Cathy for giving Hana a great new home and wish her every success with her new best friend.


Hana prior to adoption


Hana in the lap of luxury with her sister Missy P.  As you see she has some eating to do before she gets to Missy P's size!

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