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Helping Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation

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Funds and Programs

In addition to AARF’s General Fund, several special funds have been established.

Some exist to accomplish specific tasks to facilitate care, s/neuter, adoptions and more. Many have been founded in memory of a loved one.

Friends of West End Fund

Established in late 2007, this fund offers selective financial assistance providing care for puppies, dogs, kittens or cats that are in need in the West End. It is specific to dogs and cats in the West End.

Care given includes vaccinations, de–worming and s/neuter surgery.

The fund also supplies additional care that might be needed, including food, leashes, collars, flea and tick medications and heartworm pills for puppies, dogs, kittens and/or cats of families in the West End who may not be able or willing to these additional needed expenses.

Provision is also made to fund a feral cat Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) program in targeted West End locations and the feeding of feral cat colonies established as a result of the TNR project.

If you would like to donate, please indicate on your PayPal donation or check that the donation is to be earmarked for Friends of West End.

Sponsor & Extend Fund

The Sponsor and Extend Fund is established for the specific purpose of paying for the extension of a shelter guest after his/her due date at the AARF shelter has passed without an adoption.

The fund is supported by specific donations that have been designated for the purpose of sponsoring/extending animals at the shelter.

The fund covers boarding, additional vaccinations, worming or other needed medical care as a result of the extension.

Lehigh Fund in Memory of David Johnson

David Johnson was a kind and generous man, who, with his partner Frank Costin were wonderful “Foster Dads” to many of AARF’s puppies awaiting adoption.

David passed away in July of 2005 and Frank requested that anyone wishing to send a gift in David’s memory do so via a contribution to AARF in the name of David’s beloved cocker spaniel, Lehigh.

Lehigh was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer when she was eleven. David brought her down to Anguilla from Canada where she had lived part of the year so she could be warm and they could give her constant care until the end of her life. AARF made a bequest in David’s memory and established this fund in memoriam.

This fund has been set up as a tribute to David and Frank's love of all creatures, great and small and especially Lehigh.

The purpose of The Lehigh Memorial Fund is to assist pet owners in paying for either emergency care or other medical treatment for their pets that they may not be able to afford.

A decision to invoke the use of this fund involves the diagnosis made by the examining veterinarian and the AARF Shelter Management Committee.

In addition to donations made to the fund, several collection boxes have been placed around the island, and all proceeds from these boxes go into the fund.

We hope that this fund will continue to grow in the years to come, not only to help the many needy dogs and cats of Anguilla, but also as a continuing tribute to David and to his love for animals and all that he has done for AARF.

To donate to this fund, please earmark the donation to be for the David Johnson Fund or the Lehigh fund.