This is the AARF logo, which shows three animals on a yellow life raft: a small black and white kitten, a larger brown dog with a collar and a small black and white dog. Grey clouds suggest an urgent need to find good homes for these animals. Floating on blue waves suggesting the Caribbean sea that surrounds Anguilla, the raft shows that these animals have a protector in AARF and its supporters. Finally, the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, representing hope for these deserving animals.

AARF Facebook Posting and Comment Policy

AARF Facebook Posting and Comment Policy

AARF created our Facebook Page so we can put up short posts that people can comment on, and for people to use as a public, mostly free–for–all area to discuss and post about things other than what we cover in our aarfupdate emails (which are one way emails from us).

We thought it would provide a nice way for people to share stories, photos, thoughts and more, as part of a larger, animal loving community.

In general, we want to see postings from our friends (especially if AARF animals are involved) as well as items of interest related to our animals, friends, and Anguilla. And we are fans of humor, great sayings, poems and especially stories about animals.

We've noticed, though, that as Facebook and our list of friends has grown, a need to list some guidelines and common–sense suggestions to keep this page more on track and palatable.

We know that people, especially passionate animal lovers and those interested in animal welfare issues want a way to spread word about issues they really care about, such as adoptions, shelter issues, animal cruelty and animal welfare. We are all for that, but draw the line at disturbing photos.

We prefer to have ideas and issues presenting in a positive way — it's been proven to be far more effective in getting support, page views and even donations. In fact, studies have shown that a positive message will garner more followers, supporters and donors than graphic images, dire messages, and anything in ALL–CAPITAL LETTERS (this is the electronic version of shouting whilst foaming at the mouth).

Negative postings — especially photos — make people uncomfortable and they will often turn away from the passionate cause and this page. In our case, people might unlike us and then they're gone. Often silently.

If you are passionate about something, consider who you want to reach: those already converted and on your side or anyone else? Being positive can get you the “everyone else” crowd; negativity will likely lose them to you!

With all that said, our guidelines are:

  • Please do not post any photos or images that show cruelty toward animals. For that matter, consider before posting any offensive photos or images. Ask, “what would children think or feel about this?”
  • No blatant advertising, spamming or offensively off–topic material. Please keep this of interest to our community. We aren't going to be fanatical about this but may deal with blatant abusers. Don’t use our page as a marketing outlet.
  • Please do not use profanity in your messages. People of all ages and values from all over the world read this page.
  • Please do not post personal attacks, or excessive and explicit criticism of fellow posters or other organizations. Ad hominem attacks and attackers will be growled and hissed at.
  • Please avoid excessive negativity and any sort of approval of violent or illegal activities.
  • Absolutely, do not post unlawful or objectionable content, including unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, graphic, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, racially offensive or otherwise objectionable material.
  • We may be forced to deal with posters who put up excessive items (by blocking, banning or reporting to Facebook).
  • You must be over 13 to post comments.
  • Please do not tag us if it is not related to the AARF eco–sphere. Tagging us with an Anguillian animal or something relevant to AARF is welcomed however!

At our discretion, we will remove content and messages which do not follow the above guidelines.

We reserve the right to delete any contribution, or take action against any account, at any time, for any reason, including blocking, banning or escalating to Facebook.