This is the AARF logo, which shows three animals on a yellow life raft: a small black and white kitten, a larger brown dog with a collar and a small black and white dog. Grey clouds suggest an urgent need to find good homes for these animals. Floating on blue waves suggesting the Caribbean sea that surrounds Anguilla, the raft shows that these animals have a protector in AARF and its supporters. Finally, the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, representing hope for these deserving animals.

Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation

Educational Visits to the Schools in Q2

Visits to schools educate as well as entertain children about cats and dogs (often, we will take a dog along as a living model of friendliness, obedience and calm behavior).

An effort is made to have the children participate by asking questions and encouraging them to speak up. We talk to them in a interactive way about animals’ fundamental needs (or rights, such as the welfare "freedoms" talked about by WSPA) and broach concepts such as animal feelings and senses. We want children to enjoy pets, not fear them.

Brochures and posters are used to convey such concepts, along with why one should have pets. Another important thing to teach the children is animal body language.

In the school visits this quarter, we shifted our focus to cats (having done mostly dog talks in the past). It wasn't feasible to take a cat along on these visits, so instead, heavy use of posters and visual aids was used to teach the kids about cats and kittens.


The Understanding Cats brochure from AARF highlights concepts such as the Five Animal Freedoms, why you should adopt, why black cats are OK and more

Cat brochure page showing freedoms and concepts


The Understanding Cats brochure from AARF shows teaches cat body language with several cat postures and poses along with what those postures mean

Cat brochure page showing various cat body language concepts


This images shows Carol with a Kindergarten class

Kindergarten class with teachers and Carol


This images shows Carol with another Kindergarten class

Another Kindergarten class with Carol


Teacher and student, with Cat Behaviour pster on the blackboard. The poster is used to demonstrate cat body language and to later quizz the students

Teacher and a student. Note the poster on the blackboard behind them


Two first grade classes pose together

Two first grade classes pose together


Two Second Grade classes with teachers

Two Second Grade classes with teachers